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Studio rental — Photography — Hair
Bright spacious studio –
perfect for any meetings,workshops, film and photography productions

The Studio

DWCimage Studio — specialising in service and care:-) - a converted 1900s factory in Ottensen, just 7 minutes away from Altona station and 4 min from Ottensen station . Use this light and airy space for collaborative events, corporate meetings, workshops, presentations and high-quality photo and video productions.Enter the studio and feel grounded in warm natural sunlight flooding in through its large industrial windows. These pristine white walls and original wooden floors have welcomed the creative minds of Schwarzkopf, Amazon, Nintendo and many more. You, too, can count on the studio with big meeting rooms to draw big ideas, big discussions and winning content from your team.

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studio rental
+49 176 84 811

Gaußstraße 60, 22765   hamburg

dwcimage Hair

About me

Daryl William Collins is an award-winning hairdresser.
.Throughout his career,
Daryl has constantly pushed himself to achieve new heights and as a result is being recognised for his dedication, passion and creative work in, as a result, hairdressing.

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